The Advantages Of A Flask

Why Carry & Use Flasks

The flask is a great way to carry hot and cold drinks around with you so that you can enjoy them throughout the day. Thermos flasks are a great choice if you want to take your own coffee, tea or hot chocolate from home, whereas a vintage hip flask is a classy way to conceal the fact that you’re drinking at 3 pm. There are two main types which are used for different purposes (i.e. thermos flasks for hot drinks and vintage flasks for alcohol) and so we have split this guide into two sections so you can find what you’re looking for straight away. Read on to find out more about the advantages of the flask!

Thermal Flasks

Thermal Flasks are designed to keep your drink (or liquid-based food) at the desired temperature for an extended period of time. This enables you to travel with your chosen food or drink and enjoy it hours after it was made. Thermal flasks can sometimes keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, but some flasks are specifically designed for one or the other.

Maintaining The Temperature

Pioneer Food FlaskThermos flasks are a great choice for warm and cold drinks alike because they are able to maintain that drinks temperature for an extended period of time. If you make yourself a hot drink like coffee or tea then you can pop it in the flask and enjoy it at its original temperature for around 6-24 hours. Flasks really come in handy if you are planning on hiking or you are going on a long journey because all you need to do is prepare your drink, pour it into the flask, secure it and then drink it throughout the day.

Perfect For Hikes, Camping & Travelling

If you’re setting out for an all day hike you will need to take liquid and food with you. A thermal flask is a really convenient and easy way of carrying hot liquid around with you all day and ensuring that it retains its original temperature so you can enjoy it all day long. These flasks could really help save the day if its cold and you need something to warm your bones or if you end up in the wilderness and you need something to keep you going.

Thermos flasks are also really helpful for the long-distance traveller who doesn’t want to pay £4 or more for a hot drink at the train station. If you buy a flask then you can prepare your drink in the morning, pop it in your bag and enjoy it throughout the day!

Cost Effective

Thermos flasks are cost-effective because they give you a way of enjoying fresh and superior coffee without having to fork out a fortune at a coffee shop. If you have a coffee machine in your house then you just need to prepare the coffee in the morning, pop it in the flask and enjoy it throughout the day with no need to buy another cup. Thermos food flasks also give you an easy and convenient alternative to buying soup from the shop, plus you will get to bring home-made food with you so you get to choose exactly what goes into it!

Drink As Much (Or As Little) As You Want

Thermal flasks can have a variety of capacities which will typically range from around 2 litres to half a litre or less. There is a range of different sizes on offer which you can choose from depending flaskon how much liquid you want to carry throughout the day.

If you are going on a long hike then you may find a larger flask very helpful as you can use it to keep yourself warm and alert all day long without having to stop at a shop and spend extra money, whereas if you just want to use the flask to carry your money coffee you will have the option of buying a smaller flask.


Many flasks come with a cap which can be used as a cup or bowl so you can enjoy your drink/soup anywhere without having to carry excess items around. Some flasks which are designed for soup will also come with foldable spoons which enable you to enjoy your soup wherever you are.

These features really come in handy if you are camping as they provide you with a space saving solution which won’t weigh you down as much, and they allow you to stop for refreshments no matter where you are.

Vintage Flasks

The term ‘vintage flasks’ refers to a drinks flask which is often used for carrying alcohol.  Hip flasks were very popular during past eras and they are now popular with people who like vintage looks and/or want a flask for its novelty value. These types of flasks are not just used as accessories, however, and many of these flasks are used for their practical purpose as well as their aesthetic value.


Hip flasks are classy, they make a statement and they conveniently fit on your vintage style belt or in your bag. You can put pretty much any alcohol you want in your flask (popular suggestions include vodka, whisky and gin) and enjoy it throughout the day. Are you going to a boring party? Bring your flask! Are you going on a long train journey and you want to enjoy a nice cold drink without anyone judging you? Bring your flask!


ThermosThere are lots of different options to choose from when it comes to vintage flasks, and all of them should offer you an attractive and unique drink holder that you will probably end up using for the months and years to come!  Stainless steel flasks are very common today as this is a durable, anti-rust and easy to clean material, but people who are looking for a more authentic flask may be drawn to silver or pewter instead.

Keep in mind that silver flasks tend to be pretty expensive and retailers may try to rip you off by selling a new flask as an authentic flask. Authentic vintage pewter flasks should actually be avoided if you actually want to drink out of the flask as they often contain lead and can be toxic. If you want to drink out of a pewter flask then you should actually look for a flask which was made more recently and therefore will not contain lead. You can also find plastic and glass flasks, but these don’t tend to be particularly durable or good quality.

Shapes To Suit Your Needs

Flasks also come in a range of shapes and sizes which are specifically designed for drinking on the go. Hip flasks are purposely designed to fit against your hip, you can buy flasks which are specifically designed for regular or top pockets, and other flasks are designed to fit in purses or smaller bags. The capacity of these flasks tends to range from 6 ounces or above to 3 ounces or below, so you can choose depending on how much liquid you want to carry around with you.

You can also buy novelty flasks which come in a range of different shapes. These flasks are not always suitable for practical use, but they do make great presents!

Only Drink Your Favourites

Sometimes you’ll go to a bar or attend a party where there is literally no drinks that you fancy or there may be no alcoholic drinks at all! Maybe the host only bought an eight pack of weak beer and there are no nearby shops, or maybe you just don’t want to have to share your bottle. If you have a flask you can simply pour your chosen tipple into that flask and drink it all night long without having to compromise on your taste buds or share (unless you want to).

They Make Great Gifts

Many vintage style flasks (like hip flasks, pewter flasks or silver flasks) are really attractive and make awesome gifts. Whether that person is going to put the flask on their shelf and use it as an ornament, use it as a conversation starter at a party, or carry it around at all times so they are never short of alcohol no matter where they go, you are bound to find something that they’ll love.

Perfect For The Great Outdoors

Flasks can provide a lightweight and convenient way of carrying your chosen drink wherever you go. If you’re planning on going on a long-distance hike and you want to bring some alcohol with you, why not pour some into your flask rather than lugging a large bottle around with you all day? These flasks are designed to be used on the go, they come in a variety of shapes which are specially designed to fit into your pockets and/or belt, and they tend to be far lighter than the alternative.

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